Guided dives

With its diverse marine life, range of habitats, and well preserved wrecks, Cape Town can provide for some of the most spectacular scuba diving experiences in the world

One thing that is truly unique about scuba diving in Cape Town is the ability one has to access some truly spectacular dive sites right from the shoreline, and even our most popular sites can be accessed without having to jump onto a boat. The boat dives, on the other hand, provide access to the deeper reefs and some of the best wreck diving you will find anywhere in the world

We also happen to have a coast for every season. The False Bay side is predominantly dived during the winter months when the prevailing north-westerly winds tend to keep things nice and clean below the surface. Here, the water also tends to be warmer than on the Atlantic side, which in turn is predominantly dived during the summer months when the strong south-easterly gales tend to cause an upwelling of icy cold, crystal clear water from the depths

I offer guided shore dives, boat dives and night dives to all of Cape Town's most popular dive sites. Let me take you on a guided dive to the local Kelp Forests, Reefs and Wrecks while I share with you my wealth of local knowledge and experience

*Scuba permits are required for recreational scuba diving in the Table Mountain Marine Protected Area. Annual permits are available at local post offices, while temporary permits can be purchased from any local dive centre and are valid for one month.